Atlanta housing crisis could leave hundreds homeless

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — Inside Atlanta city hall in a small committee room, there’s a big crisis unfolding.

At stake is the livelihood of approximately 250-people living with HIV and AIDS who need stable housing.

“Our goal is not to displace the clients, but legally we have no other choice,” A property manager said.

It turns out the city has failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent for people living with HIV and AIDS since April, as a part of a government subsidized program.

“It’s just not right. For a person with HIV I know how important it is to have a house in order to maintain care,” HIV housing advocate Darriyhan Edmond said.

City leaders cited a lack of resources and a failure by their financial partners to follow government regulations. CBS46 asked officials why the residents haven’t received funding.

“So, I can’t speak to that issue. That’s an internal issue that is being worked through,” Brown said.

Council member Antonio Brown said the city is working to resolve the issue, but it’s not a quick fix.

“The Office of Grants Management is going to work in partnership with the Office of Human Services to ensure that there is a course of corrective action to get immediate funds out to these providers to ensure that this displacement doesn’t continue to happen and that these residents aren’t evicted from their homes,” Brown said.

Some fear evictions could kick in in one week when rent is due.

The city made no guarantees of solving the issue before then.

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