The Lenox Pet Policy

In regard of Atlanta apartments, there are many communities holding the charm and are going to fulfil this requirement. In the same way, Lenox is also a community which has been developed keeping in view all the necessary and the crucial concerns of the people. The Lenox display something really nice and the core aspect of this society is that unlike the other societies who do care about the apartment and community amenities, they have also some features in regard to the pets. Lenox comes across along with the flexible pet policies.

What includes in their policies?

According to the policy, it has been concerned that the pets are allowed here with deliberation and they are being welcomed profoundly. Because this society is pet loving and all the people here love to have the pets among them. But one thing more suspicious is that not all pets are allowed some traditional pets like cats and dogs are allowed and also the pets like the pet fish, pins out the frog, birds ,turtles, domestic hamsters are allowed here. And the fee for those animals depends on the pets.

The pets not allowed:

As in above phrase it has been explained about the pets which are allowed here are also many pets which are not allowed here. These pets are strictly banned here due to the side effects and the policies of the community. The pets are German shafered, Great Dane, husky, a pit bull and also the snake etc. These types of pets are not allowed and they are prohibited from coming here due to the liability reasons. And if somebody tries to make an entrance for them then he has to pay for it and he will charge heavily for this.

Moreover, dog breeds are also not allowed here due to the policies of the community and if somebody got caught with the dog breeds then also he/ she have to pay the fine. These are included in the policies of the community and it depicts the true and actual things if not followed the remedy costs too much.

The pets’ fee:

If we find out the fee for the pets which are going to be allowed so for them the pets are allowed the cats/dogs and depend on upon the 2 per age limitation. This quantity is fixed and the age is also concerned in this matter.

The fee for a pet is about the $300 and this fee also covers many of the terms which you might expect and many other about which you will flourish. The main reason is that it holds all the really nicest effect and will include the testing charges.

The rent which you have to pay for a single pet is about the $10 in regard to being the real and the aspiring features your pet will get. There are also parks which have been designed especially for your pets and it displays the true picture of being the real term.

The weight which is allowed for the pets is the 50lbs and this is also according to the policies of the Lenox. You must have to qualify the policies of the Lenox community in order to keep your pets here. Although the community is pet-friendly but it also asks something of you.